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December 5, 2018


To celebrate the  momentus year  the  Womens’  Suffrage  movement  won the  right  to  vote Jack House Gallery  and  myself  are  hosting  a Still Life Study Session and  networking event which will be themed around women and work.

I have used  the  subject of women in the workplace  in  my  own paintings and  these  sessions will explore  the changing  nature of work in the home in an intricately staged still life tableau.

  FREE  sessions  are    an opportunity  for  non-artists 
and   artists   to   work  alongside   each  other   to  share   ideas and  techniques   under   my   guidance  over   a   5  day   period for minimum  3  hours,  a  day  or  the  whole  week.

Of course we won’t discriminate against men who wish to participate!




The  event  will  run   from   Tuesday   27th  of  November   to   Saturday 1st  of  December  2018  from 10am - 5pmwith  networking  lunch  from 1pm - 2pm.


At the end of the 5 days we will hold a small ‘finissage’ show of  the work  made  in  the  sessions  with  drinks  and  all  welcome.


It will be  mostly  self guided session but as  a facilitator I will be available  to  give any advice  and  share  my  experience  with everyone  interested.


Bring   your   own   materials,   drawing   boards   and/or   easels

(if required)  and  a small dish/snack to share with others during the lunch break.


The address of the venue is:

Jack House Gallery , 121 High Street,  Portsmouth, PO1 2HW,  Hampshire,Tel: 023 9229 7053


For  more  info  or  to  express  an  interest   in  attending  please

email   me  or  the  gallery directly   on:


nowa ulotka 11.jpg

September 5, 2017


My interest in representational drawing and painting comes from the very traditional training that I gained during years of studying in Poland, where art education is still quite academic and very much based on the observation of nature.

Still life study is a basic exercise that every first and second year student has to practice on a daily basis. It teaches strategies for recording shapes, judging proportions, creating successful compositions and overall sharpens visual perception.

During the two-day session I would like to create the opportunity to  'slow   down   and   look'  so  that  we  can  focus  on   details  and explore in depth the true physical nature of certain objects taken straight from our surroundings.

I believe that in today’s jpg image-saturated culture, where we devour and discard images, without much reflection, this now unique way of creative depiction in such slow mediums like drawing or painting, can make us more sensitive and therefore has the power to change how we look at the world.


The event will take a place at Making Space on Thursday 28 & Friday 29 September 2017 from 10am-5pm, with networking lunch  from 1pm - 2pm. It will be a “drop in” session so you can come when it suits you and stay for as long as you want during both days.

It will be mostly self guided session but as a facilitator I will be available to give any advice and share my experience with everyone interested.

Bring   your   own   materials,    drawing  boards   and/or   easels (if required)  and  a  small  dish  to   share   with   others   during  the lunch break. Making Space will provide tea, coffee and other soft drinks.

Please note there is a maximum capacity of 15.


The address of the venue is:

Making Space
2 Bishopstoke Road
Leigh Park, Havant

For more info or to express an interest in attending, please email me directly on:  or  use my contact form

Registered Company Info: 04482576      |      Registered Charity Number: 1108387

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